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We can supply a variety of building and construction products throughout Wales and the South-West

Building & Agricultural Products: Welcome

We sell a range of agricultural products and building materials to suit your needs and requirements.


Call us on:

01633 681710

Building and construction products available across Wales and the West

At Worman Construction Ltd, we stock a wide variety of construction and building materials as well as agricultural products. Our prices are very competitive.

  • All sized steel RSJs, beams, and columns

  • Steel angles, flats, rounds, tubes, and box sections

  • Galvanised flat sheets

  • Side / roof box profile cladding

  • Reinforced fibre cement “Big 6” Eternit roof sheets

  • Timber purlins, cladding rails, boarding and railway sleepers

  • GRP roof lights

  • PVC rainwater goods

  • All sizes of hexagonal, coach and expanding bolts, plus studding

  • Gate hooks and eyes

  • Tec screw fixings, nails, and rivets

  • Z-Purlins

  • Pre-stressed concrete panels

  • Red oxide paint

fabricated steel at various stages of process from transportation to build

Agricultural products supplied by Worman Construction Ltd


As well as complete buildings, we also supply a variety of other products for use on the farm, including:

•  Feeding barriers, hinged, half-timber or diagonal

•  Barn doors

•  Personnel doors

•  Cattle grids

•  Gates

•  Dividing barriers

•  General welding and fabrication services

•  Guard rails

•  Lofts or other structural steel work

steel girders in storage

We also offer an extensive range of additional services including:

Call our friendly and devoted team today on 01633 681710 for more information about us or on our full range of products and services.

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